November 10, 2022

Dear Everyone, This is Why We’re Here

By John Holt

Is it professional of us to say “we’re f****d off!”? Probably not, but it’s true, we are. And we think many of you are too. 

While we absolutely love fashion as an expression of one’s personality visually, (well actually Andréa loves it – I’m more aware of it), we really don’t love the way many retailers are practicing. 

With many businesses being built with little to no thought about the wider impact on society and the environment, we felt it was time to build an online community and platform to help us all better understand the ethics and sustainability of all the companies involved in producing our clothes.  

But first, let us introduce ourselves:

We’re John and Andréa, the purposeful, passionate founders behind All Things Considered. 

I first met Andréa one day over coffee where I shared my vision to showcase the impact statement of every company listed publicly on the stock exchange. Andréa was sold on the idea of bringing transparency to the purpose (or lack thereof) of businesses for the benefit of consumers. 

And having spent over 15 years in the retail industry gaining a deep understanding of the impacts of the fashion industry on our people and planet, Andréa knew instantly that fashion would be the perfect starting point. 

We pulled together a small team of talented individuals and All Things Considered was born.

So what’s our purpose?

In a nutshell, we want to raise the bar of the fashion industry collectively, through empowered consumers using their voices with the intention of impacting brands’ behaviour. To the point where we can clearly see the positive ethical and sustainable changes being made from the cotton field to the high street store. 

Our purpose is to create a space where responsibility meets accountability and a business that has both Purpose and Profit at its core from day one.

We know that consumers are fired up about the negative impacts of the fashion industry and are already emailing brands directly or tagging them on social media to express their concerns, yet they’re most often ignored, censored or straight-up deleted. This is because most feedback can be seen as a singular voice which can be easily dismissed as a one-off.

Our goal is to amplify our anger and our voices, so they can no longer be ignored or conveniently misconstrued, while equally providing a space for you to praise brands doing right by our people and planet.

To do this, we provide a full rundown on what each brand’s sustainability & ethics practices are, with all information taken directly from their public websites, then it’s over to you to have your say by voting.

Today as a consumer, you have so much potential power to create change.

 Our platform unleashes that potential by letting you show your support for organisations that are all aboard the sustainability train and give a kind but firm nudge to those still stuck at the station. 

We recognise it’s important for brands to understand how they’re being perceived publicly so they can then improve how they communicate with you, while also being encouraged to make tangible changes behind the scenes.

​​We’re not here to shame or call out brands. Instead, we want to facilitate a conversation between customers and brands about how the industry can do better. It’s about cultivating collective action – something that the fashion industry is missing right now.

So what are you waiting for? Come join our considerate community and have your say.

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